A Review of Medicare Plans

Which One To Choose According To Your Finances

Medicare California is a federally funded insurance program that was created to help pay for medical costs and offer other types of assistance. It’s not the only senior-specific program available, but it does have some key advantages over others – like giving you access to more doctors than an HMO plan would provide, where you’re limited to seeing specialists within your network. A Traditional Medicare plan also offers steadier coverage benefits because there are no caps on co-pays or coinsurance, which means you never need to worry about going bankrupt in case of emergencies if something happens without having funds set aside just for those instances. Furthermore, traditional Medicare has hospitalization coverage even as far as skilled nursing facilities, so long as you’re admitted to a hospital for more than three days.


The drawbacks of traditional Medicare, however, are that it doesn’t cover as many providers and hospitals out-of-pocket – meaning you’ll need supplemental insurance coverage if you want to see doctors or go to places not in your network. But even then, the rates tend to be lower because they can negotiate better deals on services with those facilities – so there’s less pressure on seniors who still have other expenses coming up (like co-pays). If you already know what type of provider is covered by your plan, though, and how much it might cost outside of an emergency situation anyway… opting for Traditional Medicare could save some trouble down the line.

Who should use this type of insurance? That’s a matter of preference really, but if you’re an older individual who wants more freedom in their choice of provider while still having some assistance for medical emergencies, traditional Medicare is probably the best option.