Commands Your Dog Should Learn

Tips on How to Train Dogs

Training your dog is important for many reasons. It helps build a stronger relationship with them, and it gives you more control over what they do around the house. But there are also safety benefits to training your dog. Read on to learn some of the most important commands that every well-trained pup should know! The dog agility is a really interesting sport for your dogs so make sure to learn more about it!

-Sit: this is one of the most basic commands that your pup should know. It teaches them to be still and stop moving around so you can feel more confident about their behavior while out in public

-Stay: as with the previous command, these help keep your dog from distracting or hurting someone else by giving them a way to stay near you for some time without trying to go away

-Down: teaching a down will allow your pup to take less space in cramped situations like inside an elevator, car ride, party, etc., which helps make life easier on everyone who’s involved! Plus it gives you better control over where they are if something unexpected happens (like getting startled)

Dog Agility Is A Really Interesting Sport For Your Dogs

-Off!: knowing how to tell your dog to get off a couch or chair can be an important safety measure. It also helps teach them that they don’t have the right to go on furniture unless you tell them it’s okay

-Leave it: teaching this command will help keep your pup from eating things in places where they’re not supposed to (i.e., countertops, garbage cans, etc.). This is especially helpful for those with food allergies who are worried about their pup bringing something dangerous into contact with themselves and others!

-Drop it!: knowing how to ask your pup to give up what he has in his mouth teaches him good habits and prevents anything like expensive jewelry or household items from getting accidentally swallowed.