eCom Babes Review: Usability Testing Insights

Review of the eCom Babes Course (Full Review)

We at eCom Babes are excited to share our experience with usability testing. As designers, we know the importance of user feedback and want to bring you some insights from our recent usability tests on a new product. We were able to learn about what works well for users and what doesn’t work so well. The eCom Babes review is a great way to test your product!

We test in three rounds. First round is usually to just get a general sense of how people interact with the product. Second round is to see if there are any improvements we could make by making changes or additions to the design. Third round was solely for gathering feedback on what needs work and why they found it challenging or not intuitive enough

eCom Babes Review

In order to make sure that the product is working well for new and experienced users, we make tests with people who had never seen it before. We also user test our control group to make comparisons between them.

Often we find that some features of the design are difficult to use or not intuitive enough for a lot of people (especially those with limited experience in shopping). They would say something like “I don’t know what this does” or “Why is there an icon here?”

This feedback can then be used to make improvements on the design.

In conclusion, we see how it is important to test out our designs before launching them or making any changes based off of feedback alone without having people interact with them first-hand. It’s imperative that designers get real live data about how people use products rather than just relying on assumptions!