Everything You Should Know About Moving With Pets

Moving With Pets: what you need to know

Movers lawrence kansas often need to move with pets. Moving with pets can be a challenging and stressful experience. You have to worry about getting your animals from one place to another, as well as making sure they are comfortable for the duration of the move. There are a lot of things to consider before you start packing up your home and moving day arrives.

Find out about pet facilities at your new location (is there an animal shelter or boarding service?) There you can also find out about all your relocation options.

Do you need to get pet insurance? Do the research and-hopefully-you won’t have any surprises when move day arrives!

Don’t overload yourself by trying to take care of too much on one day: Plan in advance so everything is taken care of before moving date. Make sure there is ample time for packing, unpacking, visiting family members or friends with animals, taking vacations if needed (or whether it be just sitting around waiting) etc., so as not to over stress oneself during this period.

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Pack food ahead of time so they don’t miss their regular meals during the transition period. Bring one blanket with familiar scents from old house like toothbrush holder, shampoo or favorite toy. Crate training is recommended but not necessary as long as animals know basic commands such as ‘sit’ or ‘wait’.

Keep in mind that it is normal for animals to feel some anxiety during the transition period, so be patient and gentle. Offer plenty of love and reassurance as well as a new place or toy to occupy them while you are unpacking their belongings. This will give your pet time to adjust without feeling left out.

If this sounds like too much work-consider hiring professional help! Animal transporters can take care of all these tasks on your behalf leaving you free to enjoy move day with friends and family who helped make the last few months so difficult!