Found a Beautiful Piece of Land? Here’s How to Survey it

Contour Surveys: Mapping Land for Engineering Projects

Do you have a piece of land that you are interested in purchasing? If so, then you probably want to survey it before making the deal. Surveyor Canberra will survey your land for you! It is important to know what kind of property you are getting into before signing on the dotted line. The first step to surveying your land is finding out how much it will cost and for what purpose and you can check that info at

How much the survey will cost is based on how many acres need to be surveyed and which type of survey someone wants done. Once those details have been ironed out, then one can get started with surveying their new piece of property!


Topographic Survey – this type of survey helps determine elevations, water flow rates, and drainage patterns. With this map-based data set, one can find out where there might be any flooding problems or landslides according to the topography of your land.

Boundary Survey – this type of survey determines where the boundaries are on a given property which is helpful for those trying to buy in an unfamiliar area and want to know what they’re getting into. It also helps with disputes over who has rights to access certain parts of the land or maintain boundary lines.

Contour Survey – Contour surveys are important when looking at land before purchasing it because you want ot find out what kind of property you’re getting into and whether or not there will be any slope hazards or drainage problems in your future.

It’s important not only know about these different types of surveys but also why they matter before making a decision about which one you want. For example, if someone who has been living in their house for ten years suddenly finds out that there is an easement to the house that they didn’t know about, it may be too late for them.