Mowing Your Lawn Is Good For You: Benefits of Regular Mowing

The Importance of Mowing Your Lawn.

We all know that a mowed lawn is better than an unmowed lawn, but you may not have realized all the benefits of regular mowing. Regularly-maintained yards are easier to play in and look nicer, they reduce water usage by up to 20%, and they can help keep your house cooler on hot days! You don’t need to spend much time or money on yard care either – just set aside 15 minutes every week for weekly mowing, and use these tips to make it go smoothly.

Hire a Mowing Company in Rapid City for lawn care. They will save you time and do a better job than you could by yourself.

Get a push mower for your lawn care needs. Manual-push models are great ways to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions because they don’t require the use of fossil fuels (gas, diesel).

Invest in some quality hedge trimmers. They’ll trim up those hedges so nicely! Plus, it will make them grow better and faster – which means less work for you down the road!

Mowing Company in Rapid City

Use mulch or straw to keep moisture levels where they need to be. Your grass is thirsty during long stretches of hot weather; give it what it wants without watering too often with these smart tricks that also help control weeds! Choose drought tolerant plants when landscaping if possible (and appropriate).

Keep away from trees by at least six inches so their roots don’t get torn up when you push the mower over them!

Mow in one direction because this will lead clippings back into the lawn where they’ll decompose instead of all going straight downwind onto sidewalks and driveways. Make sure your blades are sharp. Dull blades will tear grass rather than cut it cleanly which leads to yellowing grass edges and clumps of dead grass. Keep your blades clean by rinsing after each use so they don’t rust on contact with water.

Mow high. You can mow more often if the lawn is shorter, but make sure you’re not making any stripes as that’s a sign of scalping and will damage your grass further. Only cut wet or damp grass – never go over dry patches twice to avoid tearing them up!

Don’t forget about corners, gravel paths, stone borders and other hard-to-mow features in order to keep everything looking neat.