What to Do When Your Car Breaks Outside of a City

Things You Should Do When a Car Breaks in the Middle of Nowhere

You wake up in the morning and set out on your way to work. You’re not too far from home when you notice your car has a flat tire. Now what? As any good driver knows, it’s always best to keep an emergency kit in the trunk of their car – after all, we never know what might happen from day-to-day. But if you find yourself stranded outside of a city with no phone service or cell coverage, how do you get back on the road?

It’s always best to call roadside assistance https://www.sanjosetowservice.com/ when possible or stay in your car until help arrives. But if those options are not available, don’t hesitate to walk away from any unsafe setting and head back towards town as soon as possible.


If there are kids involved, remember that they’ll need more than just food: keep them entertained by playing games on long car rides or bringing favorite toys along! It also helps to bring an extra clothes or two so everyone feels refreshed after their trek too.

In any disaster situation, it’s best to stay calm and prioritize your safety – in this case that means ensuring you’re not stranded on the side of a busy highway. You can call for help by looking at your car manual or phone owner’s guide for roadside assistance numbers. And if you don’t have anything with you, try dialing 911 from another person’s cell phone so their line doesn’t get tied up when they need it too! Once you’ve done everything possible to ensure your safety (and make sure nobody else is hurt), take stock of what supplies are available around you: bottled water? A spare tire? If there aren’t any options nearby, it may be time to consider walking back towards civilization depending on how close it is.