How To Live With Trucks On The Road And Not Suffer A Heart Attack Trying

In addition to the potholes, the cost of the booths that rises without saying “water goes”, the risk of driving on a lonely road with the fear of being mugged, there are some motorists who are afraid of driving on the road due to those enormous vehicles with 6, 8 or more axles lumbering along the asphalt belt. Yes, we mean trucks .

Driving next to these huge vehicles does not have to become a nightmare if you follow the following tips :

Be Careful When Passing

Whenever you travel on the road, pass on the left side , not only trucks but any vehicle. Keep your distance and turn on the respective turn signal well in advance. Before passing, check that your car can be distinguished in the side mirror of the truck, if the view does not give you that much, then make a change of lights so that the driver can see you.

On the contrary, if it is the truck that tries to pass you, do not hinder its maneuver. Always stay on the right side and give him enough time to pass you.

Keep Your Distance

Never drive very close to the back of a truck (and in general of any vehicle). In the specific case of trucks, remember that due to their size they have multiple blind spots and one of them is precisely the rear.

Maintaining a safe distance will allow the truck driver to perform emergency maneuvers if necessary. Not sure what distance is safe? Road fees indicate that the ideal distance can be calculated in the following way: remove the last number of the speed at which you are traveling and square the rest. For example, if you travel at 90 kilometers per hour, we remove the zero and multiply the 9 by itself, that is, 9 x 9 = 81 meters of safety distance (in dry asphalt conditions).

It may seem that 81 meters is too much, but it is better to be cautious. In the same way, it is advisable that if you stop behind a truck it is also important to maintain a safe distance, remember that some drivers back up first before rejoining the asphalt tape .

No, Don’t Try To Beat Him Either

With trucks the same rule applies as with the train: Never try to beat him! When merging or exiting the highway, never try to beat a truck or bus. Even if you ride a Ferrari 488 Pista Spider , you never know what can go wrong. A simple carelessness can have dire consequences .

Always remember that larger vehicles take much longer to stop due to their weight, so even if the driver sees you coming, they may not be able to stop in time in case you accidentally run into them.

Be Very Cautious

Sounds too logical, right? But believe it or not, this is an unwritten rule that many of us forget and to show a button: a large percentage of accidents on the road are caused by reckless decisions at the wheel . Remember that you should always pay attention to the road signs and respect the speed limits and even more so if you travel with your family.

Finally, always consider the road conditions , when it is raining, passing a truck can be equivalent to receiving a curtain of water of epic proportions , if you are going to pass in these conditions, double your precautions. Be prudent and you will see how you arrive at your destination safely and safely.